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To make our vision a reality, we need help in any way possible. No matter who you are, if you believe that mental health needs to be better, you can contribute in your own way.

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Become a sponsor

While we’re getting ready for Bravely to launch, we need all the help and resources we can get. We’re actively looking for sponsors who want to get involved and improve mental health support for those suffering.

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Invest in our vision

More than just a monetary investment, we want investors who believe in our vision, and will be personally invested what we're doing. We want to hear from people who share our vision and drive to make our goal a reality.

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Contribute your expertise

Do you have experience in psychology, therapy, neuropsychology or mental health? We need all the help we can get making sure we’re providing the right content and resources to our users to help them. See how you can help below!

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Share your mental health story

Share Bravely is a way for people to tell their stories of their struggles. Because hearing a relatable story may give strength to someone battling. It only takes one person to make a difference. Share your story with us below:

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If you’re in crisis or a life threatening situation, Bravely is not the right solution. Please use these resources to get immediate help.