The science behind Bravely

Bravely is more than motivational quotes and breathing exercises. With research before us informing and inspiring what we do, and studies we’re embarking on to break new ground, we strive to be the best possible tool to improve global mental health.

What goes into Bravely

Standing on the
shoulder of giants

The countless hours by the dedicated researchers and authors around the world, have produced insights that can help millions.

Yet despite its usefulness, this information typically never reaches the masses.

When we set out to build Bravely, we believed fervently that it is critical to be backed by science. We spend everyday extensively combing through published research to bring you the vital knowledge that can make a difference.

From studies on motivation and behavioural science, to research on how you process adversity, to strategies to work with your body’s nervous system and regain control of your anxiety — these scientific conclusions shape Bravely into a tool that lets you improve your mental health with a backing of scientific research you can trust.

Bravely stands on the shoulders of giants. The research that has been done before us will continue to inform and inspire what we do, as we strive to be the best possible tool to improve global mental health.

Some of our favourite research papers

…even just a little bit of sleep loss can affect your daily mood, ability to think and react clearly, and how long it takes for you to recover.

(Drake et al., 2001)

Men are more likely to experience distress from a single event for more than one day than woman are for a similar event.

(Almeida and Kessler, 1998)

Use of social media amongst 19-32 year olds, is significantly linked to an increase in the likelihood of depression…

(Lin et al., 2016)

People who have been physically active, are calmer and face less anxiety when responding to a common stressor than those who have not been physically active.

(Puterman et al., 2017)

…using apps to alleviate symptoms and self-manage depression significantly reduced patients’ depressive symptoms.

(Firth J et al., 2017)
Our research

Understanding Bravely’s impact on your mental health

To test is to know. From interface usability to overall effectiveness, we continuously embark on surveys and research studies to ensure we’re always building something that is proven to work.

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Mental health survey

With 414 answers coming from 33 countries, we’ve gained a valuable understanding of how people just like you have managed their mental health challenges.

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Bravely’s mental health research study

A 3-month study with 80+ participants. The study’s goal is to learn about how people interact with the Bravely app, as well as what general strategies they employ for managing their mental health.

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Mental Health & Life Habits project

Our next research project is coming soon. If you want to complete our survey, sign up to join us!

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If you’re in crisis or a life threatening situation, Bravely is not the right solution. Please use these resources to get immediate help.