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by Bravely Team

Bravely, is many things to us. It’s a verb for small steps and big ones, a way of describing how those who are struggling, it’s the way people support the people they care about, and it’s also who we are.

It’s part of our origin story, where we came from and where we are going. Our vision is:

To bravely bring more equality, empowerment and happiness to the world — by creating unparalleled access to invaluable mental health knowledge.

We have now permanently shifted our domain to It’s the beginning of our public release, the start of great new things.

Laid out books, all open and edge to edge
For too long, finding useful mental health knowledge has been difficult to find.

We want to change the world, through better mental health for all

Since Mel wrote the first article about Bravely, we have come a long way. Back then, we had an idea, something that we knew could help a lot of people.

We started on our app, working to make evidence-based, researched and reliable mental health knowledge available to people. To share some of the intellect that was often only accessible in research papers, and help people to be more informed on mental health, to better understand the struggles they face, and to show them that the difficulties they experience aren’t weird, unusual or strange — they are shared with many others who feel the same,

For too long mental health information has been inaccessible. A taboo topic that was only discoverable through expensive therapy or overwhelming textbooks. Nobody talked about mental health.

This has changed, Instagram has many lived experiences and snippets of information, but the reliability of many of these sources has made it difficult to rely on these insights.

Bravely - Mental health app
Our old branding was focused on being approachable — back then mental health was still an emerging topic

We are now

When we began, our vision was to deliver the best mental health tools to people, to encourage them to join us, to try our app – to ‘get it’.

Our domains and user names focused on GetBravely, encouraging people to begin their mental health journey with us, to be better informed on their direction.

Bravely is for those who continue to struggle with their mental health. The people who are reaching out in times of need, they do so bravely, as do those who answer the phone at any hour, knowing they can provide the support to someone who needs it.

We are with them all, with you all, as we bravely challenge a broken system. Bringing equality and knowledge to those who need it.

Whoever and wherever you are, Bravely is with you.

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Bravely Team

We do a lot of writing at Bravely, researching, reading and writing. Sometimes we write our own perspectives, our stories as individuals, but somethings are a team effort, like this.

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