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👋 A letter from all of us

For the curious, trying, tired and struggling.

For those learning how to be happier and healthier.

Powered by therapists, neuroscientists, designers and developers, Bravely is built by people who know what it’s like to struggle with mental health.

For us, this is personal. It’s important. It’s deeply needed.

It’s bringing the tools that we wish we could have had at the beginning of our mental health journey, to you.

Bravely is what happens when enough people come together and say, “There’s got to be a better way”.

We’re excited for you to get the first peek.

— Sincerely,
Mel, Rackley, Jay, Milly, S.B., Somya, Rob, David & Milica

The real progress happens

in the spaces between therapy

Learn vital mental health skills from experts

There's no shortage of information in today's world. The problem is, separating fact from fiction is often difficult and dull.

We’ve put together an entire library of mental wellness knowledge, from the minds of experts and academics, magically transformed into an experience you'll actually enjoy reading.

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Track your habits and get daily advice instantly

A tracking app can tell you that you've walked 4,106 steps today, but what does that really mean? Data is only helpful when its both personalised and understood.

Bravely is driven by the deep understanding that every human is unique. Our tracking feature serves up immediately useful content everyday, that's specifically relevant to you.

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Uncover what impacts your mood and energy

Making change is easier when you know the levers to pull to make it happen.

Using data over time to find powerful insights and correlations between your life habits and mood, we can reveal patterns of what brings you down, and more importantly — reveal what helps you get better. Better habits lead to a better life. And that's what we want for ourselves and everyone else too.

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A happier and
healthier mind, first
starts with knowing.

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