The foundation of our values

Everything we do stems from these 3 core values values

Our users are people just like us. We understand that everyone's struggles are different but equally important.

We trust that our users are smart and curious, and want solutions that are scientifically proven and evidence-based.

From our content to our design, we want to create tools that are accessible to as many people as possible.

Our values

The values we live and work by — guiding everything we do


Being vulnerable is brave

We’ve been through our own mental health struggles, just like you have too. We want to share our journey and struggles as openly and vulnerably as we can, because we believe it helps people like you, and anyone else who knows what it’s like to battle themselves.


Treat everyone with kindness

We believe in treating everyone we work with and talk to with kindness. We’re a business that’s made of real people. There will never be a reason to not be kind to one another.


Your data for only you

Your personal data is only for your eyes, and should help only you. We only take data that we need to serve you. And unless you decide to partake in research studies (only with your full explicit consent, and only through the veil of anonymity), your data never sees the light of day.


Purpose over profit

We’re not in this for blind profit. Bravely was started because we adamantly believed in creating something that can genuinely help people. We plan to continually reinvest a healthy part of our profits to be continually creating something that always gets better.


Science and evidence with a human touch

Everything we do should be rooted in science, and proven with evidence. While sharing human stories and messages are important, knowing that what we’re bringing to people is proven to work is just as important. But this doesn’t mean we love jargon! Knowledge should always be as accessible as possible.

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If you’re in crisis or a life threatening situation, Bravely is not the right solution. Please use these resources to get immediate help.